3 roots of my Yggdrasil


a tribute to Muriel

 The Primeval, “before the Fall” Light


I must agree with Muriel that a Raphael-like “peach-blossom” atmosphere (regardless of the picture external colors) dominate in those of my works that for instance suggest large waterfalls, white mountain peaks, floating cloud masses suspended to heaven…

It seems consistent with my intention to bear witness for… let say… paradise forces. Yes, I have this need in me to share the experience of a light that is still of divine essence. An experience that drives us towards something in us that is not corrupted. An “before the fall” experience. I mentioned in my bio the Norse mythology picture of World Ash-tree. I can easily tie this experience of Primeval Light with the “Well of Urd”, a well that nourishes one of the three roots of this World-Tree.

Again, I don’t make all this out of a “program”; I know the above ideas are unusual to most of us, and seem intricate, but they are the most far-reaching conceptual tools I found by now to explain these very subtle things. And those of my painting that are linked with this “Primeval Light Experience” can, for this very reason, provide a sense of purification and refreshment. Like something that dissolves substance, frees us from materiality. And offers a “Rising Anew” experience. For sure.

I take the risk to link it also to this aspect of the trinity we can call “the Father”, because it is linked to the exercise of Spirit Remembrance.


The Light that “dies and becomes”.


Emerald”, I agree again with Muriel, is the color-root that dominate those of my paintings with the most specific impressionist character. I don’t mean it in the limited sense of the well-known French school of painting. Actually, for me William Turner was the best embodiment of what I mean by impressionist, especially when he asked to be attached to a boat mast during a snow storm. My “impressionist” painting, or “emerald” in character, are all about a “time “experience; for instance, the way rain drops will alter water surface… or the changes in the earth atmosphere, or the endless dynamic of the sun magnetic storms… yes I explore there the substance of time, and through that the equation of Jean-Francois Reymond: “Time is Space, when life is added to it”.

And it should not be surprising that these kinds of subject provide a sense of strength and regeneration because it activates our invisible but effective life-body, which is in us the fountain of health.  The “Fountain of Mimir”, in Norse mythology, nourishes another of Yggdrasil’s root, with a sense of wisdom, and Presence to the Spirit. Therefore, I link it easily with the “Son”.


the Light born out of Darkness


Yes, it is a “Honey” root-color, the 3rd of “my” primary colors. This honey somber-goldish coruscant color dominate in those work where I give birth to Light from Darkness. It is not crazy what I say. Dürer did it with his “Melencolia”, he was maybe the first though (1514). And of course, Rembrandt mastered that! And… don’t tell me that Rachmaninoff Vesper divine light is not born out of darkness?

Those of my paintings where this atmosphere dominate will usually show celestial shining bodies, forest foliage crossed and penetrated with sun… and, without surprise, water spring pouring from the dark breast of the earth… I say “without surprise” because for me now this inspiration is so obviously linked to “the Spring of Hvergelmir” experience! This Spring that nourishes the third root. Oh, it is the deepest aspect of all. And it is so difficult to talk about. Let me start from the experience of a mother, Mary for instance, at the cross. The cross of her son. Can you imagine something darker that the pain this mother goes through? But this pain is… in the same time… Divine Light. Divine. But human. It is not a “before the fall” Light, ok?

Take what Michelangelo offered to us at the end of his long life, through his unachieved “Pieta Rondanini”. This light, born out of darkness, is divine, yes, but deeply human in the same time. Only human, actually. When you open your heart to this kind of light it gives a sense of being nutritious, creative. Creator of a New Substance in the universe. Of the very same essence is the Vision of the Spirit, which is not to be confused with blind faith.


March 2022



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